The purpose of this project is to build local CASA programs' capacity to capture meaningful outcomes of CASA volunteers' service through a three-phase project, as well as to provide a structure for assessing and reporting outcomes of CASA volunteers' service at the local and state levels. Outcome data can help executive directors manage local programs, provide funders with a better understanding of how their investments can and are making a difference in the lives of children, and give volunteers feedback on how their collective service impacts children.

Colorado CASA began working on outcomes in 2013 and has had a list of expert partners, including Colorado’s Office of the Child Representative, Child Trends, Multiplicity Concepts, and Impact Solutions. Colorado CASA now has a set of 23 outcomes measures designed to demonstrate that CASA volunteers truly improve the lives of children.

By tracking meaningful outcomes, CASA programs will improve funding, recruitment and retention. CASA programs in Colorado will successfully build the capacity to go beyond collecting outputs to capturing the impact that CASA volunteers have on changing the odds for abused and neglected children who are the future of our society. Colorado has the ability to be a leader in standardizing and simplifying the process of measuring outcomes to improve services to children.

In addition to increased program funding, volunteer recruitment and engagement, the purpose of this project is to improve program services to CASA Volunteers who are on the front lines, directly advocating for children we serve. The Outcomes for Impact project delivers a practical data collection and evaluation process that allows programs to assess the effectiveness of their programs and how they can continuously improve to best equip CASA Volunteers with the tools and support they need.